Jodi & Shane's Letter of Recommendation

Jodi & Shane kindly said that they would write me a letter of recommendation to place in my portfolio, what I received was far beyond anything I expected. I was so pleased and surprised by the kind words they had written I decided to share it with you:

To whom it may concern,  

Jessica Kavanagh was an integral contributor in every facet of planning our recent wedding on September 11, 2010.  Jessica came into our employ approximately one year before the wedding. From our first meeting, it was immediately apparent that we would be choosing to work with Jessica for the remainder of our engagement.  She came into the first meeting with many wonderful ideas, but more importantly, she took the time to get to know us as a couple and helped us begin to visualize what we wanted our wedding day to look like, sound like and feel like.    
Jessica was a consummate professional; she not only handled our flowers, linens, table settings, guest lists, venue contract and other important details, she also kept us organized with our small tasks and time lines that were necessary for the wedding to come off as we hoped.  Her time management skills were exemplary; while she worked a full-time job at Sick Kids Hospital, without exception, she was always available and accessible to us and our many questions and requests.  Jessica was able to take care of details we were not interested in, and was able to give extremely practical input into any decisions that we did choose to be involved in.  She was gracious in her dealings with all wedding stakeholders (ie parents), and was transparent in all communications, be it financial or otherwise.  She managed to create an elegant event that truly represented us, and she did it within budget.
 While we imagine that all wedding and event planners can create aesthetically pleasing events, what set Jessica apart and made us appreciate her as much more than just our wedding planner was her personal and social efforts to work with us as a couple rather than just a "client."  She not only asked questions, she actively listened to our answers and thoughts and incorporated them into her suggestions and decisions.  She came to understand what we value in each other as partners, and she helped us to realize how that could be represented genuinely in our wedding.  Without exaggeration, we owe our wedding day success to Jessica.  It was literally everything we had hoped for and more.  If there were any challenges on the day of, we never knew about them because she was there every step of the way to take care of them.   
 Without hesitation, we would recommend Jessica as an event planner that will help you to personalize any occasion.      

Jodi Gram and Shane Timms  

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